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    If you''re an existing BCSS customer and have sewer service/grinder pump inquiries or repairs, contact us at (251) 971-3022 anytime, day or night. BCSS repairs grinder pumps and sewer service lines on our system and offers flexible financing for repair charges


    B. Submersible-type grinder pumps will only be acceptable for pump stations utilizing 10-horse power pumps or smaller. C. Pumps less than 2-horse power are not acceptable. D. Pumps must be 3-phase. E. Pumps handling raw wastewater shall be capable


    All grinder pumps contain an electrode for detecting water within the unit. The electrode is housed within the seal be a mechanical seal. If the electrode detects water within the oil-filled housing, it will close the circuit to the red alarm light in be serviced before the ...

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    Many of these pressure pump systems were serviced with grinder pumps. Discharge points may be existing gravity sewer mains, large pump lift stations or direct to central treatment systems. All that''s needed in this type of system is a grinder pump or pumps, a pump station to collect residential sewage, a control panel to turn the pump on and off, some small diameter plastic pipe and a small ...

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    Grinder Pumps Cutter Pumps Vortex Pumps High Head Pumps Centrifugal Pumps Diesel Pumps Sewage/Sanitary Lift Station Enhancement Solution In addition to repairing industrial and commercial pumps and lift stations, we also offer station enhancement ...

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    ST80 - Alton Pump & Drain Services Ltd. ST80. Product overview. For sewage and wastewater pumping. Drainage where pumps must be regularly maintained and serviced, such as wastewater treatment plants and sewage plants. ST80 quantity. Add To Quote. Categories: Guide Rail System, HCP Pumps, Large Volume Series SKU: ST80 Tag: Effective Sewage Pumps.

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    The general name for sewage pumps capable of handling normal toilet-flushable waste (feces and toilet paper) is sewage grinder pumps: they are intended to grind and move black water or sewage. A sewage grinder pump is synonymous with a septic grinder pump.

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    What this means is the waste from your home must be pumped to the sewer line. In order to make this happen either a grinder pump or ejector pump is used. For optimum efficiency these pumps need to be serviced on a yearly basis. Low Pressure Sewer Systems are a low-head pressure wastewater collection system, used as an alternative to gravity sewer.

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    We have the ability to repair pumps out in the field or pick up your pump equipment to be serviced at our machine and repair shop. ... Pump Repair: grinder pumps, booster pumps, column pumps, submersible pumps, well pumps multi-stage impellers Do you ...

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     · A grinder pump is a wastewater conveyance device. Waste from water-using . Not only do people clog their plumbing, they are causing problems with grinder pumps, lift stations, and sewage treatment plants. Items 1 – 24 of 25.

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     · Grinder pumps may be installed close to houses on private property, and become part of the homes. People are wary of a technology that is new to them, and need to be informed ahead of time when a retrofit project is proposed for their area – for instance, if a pressure sewer is proposed to replace failing septic tanks.


    Grinder pumps are used to provide sewer service to areas that cannot be serviced by a gravity sewer. Most often this is due to topographic elevation issues, but could also be for economic or

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    Browse Item # MG200-21P, Myers® MG200 Series 2 HP Grinder Pumps in the Rapid Pump & Meter/ Machinery Services Corp. catalog including Item #,Item Name,Description,Head,Liquids Handling,Intermittent Liquid Temperature,Winding Insulation Temperature.

  • Guide to Sewage Ejector Pump Inspection & Maintenance

    Sewerage Grinder pumps, commonly known as Sewerage Ejector Pumps, are made to serve the mentioned purpose. Even at homes, for the toilets situated in the basement, these pumps are required and recommended. Following are a few points to consider in

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     · Effective September 1, 2015, grinder pumps, owned and serviced by Loudoun Water, will be serviced by Loudoun Water through an agreement with Freemire & Associates. Please contact Freemire & Associates at 1-888-349-7448 for grinder pump system servicing.


    For ease of serviceability, all grinder pumps shall be of like type, impeller and horsepower throughout the system. To ensure single source responsibility for the equipment, the Grinder Pump Sewage System(s) shall be by the same manufacturer as supplying

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    Ownership of Grinder Pumps The ownership and ongoing operation and maintenance costs are the responsibility of the property owner serviced by the grinder pump. The primary reason is that the ownersgain the cost benefit inherent in selecting the lowest life-cycle

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     · Grinder pumps may not provide relief in Superstorm Sandy-type events, when houses'' basements and first floors were under water. However, as water districts struggle to keep up with basic repairs and finance upgrades, the use of grinder pumps …

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    Grinder Service. Grinder Pumps are an expensive piece of equipment that is necessary for a home to properly function. To ensure the longevity of a grinder pump motor, proper maintenance is recommended. Bruce''s Plumbing is now offering a service to maintenance grinder pumps.

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    How often should my pump be serviced? With proper use and care, E/One grinder pumps do not require preventive maintenance. The noise level when the pump is running is similar to the hum of a washing machine. If you notice the pump is running loudly or

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    Correct Equipment provides grinder pump service o Oregon and Washington and to Northern Idaho. Grinder pump service in Benton, Clark, Columbia, Cowlitz, Franklin, …

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    Grinder pumps, important mechanisms of a greater sewage or septic system, are installed underground. Here, they help break down bulky waste between a home''s plumbing and the sewage treatment area. For those concerned with keeping their wastewater systems in good condition, it''s helpful to know more about how this piece of equipment works.

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    Grinder pumps are a type of submersible sewage (septic) pump that has cutting teeth incorporated onto the impeller to grind the sewage for pressure sewer applications. The discharge piping can be smaller since the wastewater is ground up to a liquid, high head conditions are a …

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     · Sewage pumps, grinder pumps, septic or effluent pumps and sump pumps each have a specific purpose and function when included as a component of a septic system. Within each pump category, there will be a wide range of options regarding pump size, capacity, power and construction to meet the specific requirements of the system and the expected composition of the wastewater stream.

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    BlueWater Septic has serviced SWFL over 25 years. We offer New Septic Installs and Drainfield Repair - Lift Stations - ATU - Grease Traps - Grinder Pumps - Grading - Land Clearing - Culverts - Fill Dirt - Hauling - Demolition. Complete residential and commercial

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    2 Pump Models: The 3, 5, and 7½ HP grinder pumps are made in four models, the WG, WGH, VS and VH. These pumps are made for single phase 230 volts and three phase for 200, 230, 460 and 575 volts. Instructions: These instructions cover only the pump

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    Grinder pumps are ideal for handling tough waste. Call Alton Pump Services: 01420 561661 for grinder pump supply, installation and repair. Waste water pumps (or effluent pumps) are ideal for draining and distributing excess water from your site or property with ...


    Save thousands of dollars by having your grinder pump serviced once per year. Maintenance is only $165. Schedule service today! Schedule Service. Grinder Pump 30. November 21, 2017. Grinder Pump 29. November 21, 2017. Grinder Pump 28.


    collection. Pumps can serve one or many s. Your home is one of approximately 400 homes served by Loudoun Water that has its own wastewater pump, also known as a grinder pump. The grinder pump that facilitates wastewater removal

  • Item # WG150H-53-25, Standard 15 HP High Head …

    Browse Item # WG150H-53-25, Standard 15 HP High Head Submersible Grinder Pumps in the Rapid Pump & Meter/ Machinery Services Corp. catalog including Item #,Item Name,Description,Head,Liquids Handling,Intermittent Liquid Temperature,Winding Insulation

  • Sewage Pumps, Grinder Pumps, & Effluent Pumps

     · Sewage pumps are available in categories: Ejector pumps, for handling "grey" or dirty water and limited raw, solid sewage. This could include laundry water, limited septic solids, and other wastewater. Grinder pumps, for handling raw sewage larger than ¾-inch in ...

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    A Grinder For Every Application. Franklin Miller''s wastewater grinders lead the industry in both reliability and performance. These units are proven to reduce pump clogging, protect process and dewatering equipment, reduce solids and keep wastewater systems running smoothly. Applications include: wastewater headworks, sludge, recirculation ...

  • Grinder Pump Repair in the Poconos | East Stroudsburg …

    If your grinder pump has been clogged, damaged or burned out with any of the aforementioned items, we can help! We are the experts in grinder pumps throughout Allentown, Lehigh Valley, Stroudsburg and the entire Poconos area. If your grinder pump needs service, we have you covered with our 24 hour unparalleled repair service!

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    Grundfos can design the entire system or provide high-quality components such as sewage pumps, drainage pumps, grinder pumps, lifting stations, pre-fabricated pumping stations, controllers and a wide range of accessories. Let''s Talk. Complete the following form and a MetroPump agent will contact you shortly. . 603 Colby Drive, Waterloo, Ontario.

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    Grinder Pump Systems A grinder pump is a piece of equipment that processes and pumps sewage into a low-pressure sewer line. Topography and soil conditions can make gravity feed system very difficult to install on some lots. These pumps convey

  • Submersible Grinder Pump Type ABS Pir anha S10

    Piranha submersible grinder pumps have been designed for the pumping of sewage containing faecal matter ... serviced or repaired in a workshop that is not Ex-approved then it must no longer be used in hazardous locations. In that case the Ex nameplate must ...


     · GRINDER PUMPS AND PUMPING EQUIPMENT. NOTE: Models with Third Party approval(s) are clearly marked on individual pump nameplates. Hazardous Location Service: WGX20 pumps are to be used for handling sewage, wastewater and storm water only.

  • 25. Grinder Pump, Pressure Sewer System.

    Part Two, Section 25. Grinder Pump, Pressure Sewer System SEWER DESIGN GUIDELINES 2008 S-25.3 g) In computing the static head, base the pump elevation on the developer''s proposed elevation at which the grinder pump will be

  • What is a grinder pump? | Warwick Township

    The owner must sign an agreement to have the pump serviced by a Certified Hydromatic Service Center prior to returning it within 30 days (you may also download the agreement - see below). You may call the office to request information on grinder pumps at any time.

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    Grinder Pumps Septic Tank Installation Resources Contact Job photos BLOG Sewage Pumps Septic System Repairs (717) 626-5591 (717) 626-5591 Thomas H. Erb & Sons Inc. Septic Services Thomas H. Erb & Sons Inc. Septic Services Thomas H. Erb Home ...

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